green coffee bean extract doseThe green coffee bean extract dose varies from brand to brand. Because of this it has created some confusion about how much you should take each day. Even though we are all different as people there are some dosing guidelines you should follow.

There will be no side effects if you follow the recommended green coffee bean extract dose but if you don’t you run the risk of losing sleep or even getting a little bit jittery if you take too much.

How Many MG are in a Green Coffee Bean Extract Dose?

Typically green coffee bean supplements come in either a 400 mg or 800 mg dose. I recommend that you just buy the 800 mg dose as this is the standard recommended dosage. If you aren’t sure how you’re going to react to the higher dose then by all means buy the lower dosage. I started out with the 800 mg dose from day one and there have been no problems for me. But I always emphasize that no two people are created equally so use your best judgement.

How Often Do You Take a Green Coffee Bean Extract Dose?

As I stated in my review of Green Coffee Bean Max I take it twice a day about 6 hours apart. My preferred times to take these doses are 8:30 am, when I first wake up, and 2:30 pm, a full six hours later. This leaves me enough time between doses to get the maximum benefits from the morning dose and leaves me enough time for the afternoon dose to wear off before I go to sleep. This green coffee bean extract dose has worked perfectly for me and there have been no adverse effects from it.

I do not recommend taking more than 2 doses per day but some people have recommended 3. I can only assume these are people who have no problems falling asleep after taking a supplement meant to give you a little pick me up. This green coffee bean extract dose is far too high simply because I have never been able to fall asleep if I’ve had too much coffee or other caffeinated drink too close to bedtime. Anything that is meant to give me an energy boost, no matter how small, is something I just can’t take too close to bedtime.

In conclusion I stick with an 800 mg green coffee bean extract dose twice a day. This what I recommend to everyone. As for the brand I recommend Green Coffee Bean Max. This is the first brand I tried and it’s been great since day one. They also offer free bottles depending on the package you order.

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